söndag 6 januari 2008

Stjärnor..vinter som sommar.

Stjärnor finns det under både vinter som sommar i naturen.Vintern har sina snöflingor som stjärnor på en Sjärnmagnoliaknopp ( Magnolia Steleta) och sommaren har sin Stjärnflocka (Astrantia Major alba)

There are stars bouth in winter and summer and the similery is striking.
The stars in snow and in the Astrantia major alba.

Magnolia stelata

Astrantia Major alba

Man måste säga att naturen har liknande former vinter som sommar..eller hur.


2 kommentarer:

Mary sa...

Hello Ken and Carina - thanks for putting some English text on your blog so I can understand what you are up to. I look forward to coming back to visit as the seasons progress. Do your 4 cats not cause problems in your garden? Can you please explain to me about the tulip photographs you had on the blog a little while ago? Regards to you both, Mary England

Linda Lunda sa...

Gillar magnilia bilden väldigt mycket. Speciellt när man klickar upp den.